PORTA – a bridge between music and those, who seek to get back to their roots.

PORTA – a union of various authentic artists with their unique qualities and ethnic roots.

PORTA – a doorway from present to past, where it all begun.

World music festival PORTA is an intimate volume festival located in the heart of Baltic region – Latvia. This year celebrating it’s 18th anniversary, PORTA has become a well know and recognized festival in Europe offering concerts and musical collaboration projects for audiences, two weekends each autumn in several cities across Latvia. While being a bit smaller festival in the industry, PORTA provides more intimate and personal experiences for World music admirers.

We welcome great performes, colorful energies and one of a kind personalities to collide in our festival. This is PORTA – closer to you, even when comes from far away.

"Porta Does what it Oughta! Brings an incredible diverse and appreciative audience together to discover world class music hand picked by the team. They brave the complex art of Artistic Collaborations with huge care and trust and have created an experience that is unique for the listeners and extremely wonderful as an artist to be part of. There are few gigging experiences one gets to enjoy like Porta Festival where such good care is taken. Long may it continue xx Sam Lee"

"Porta Festival has been a wonderful to us, as we not only got to perform, but really could engage with other musicians from Latvia. The smaller scope of the festival (four bands and not twenty) allowed us to get to know the organizers of this festival and other musicians better, which has been an enriching experience and has benefitted our collaboration on stage. I feel that Porta Festival really creates opportunities and new connections that could result in longer-term collaborations and knowledge exchange between musicians, audience members and workshop attendees." /Shishani & the Namibian tales/


Les Itinérantes | FR

01.11.2024 / Concert hall Cesis


01.11.2024 / Concert hall Cesis

Laura Cortese & Bert Ruymbeek

25.07.2024 / Mākslas telpa MALA | Cēsis

Pulsa Efekts & Leila Alijeva | LV

26.07.2024 / Fon Stricka Villa

Bani Hill Band | GE

26.07.2024 / Fon Stricka Villa