Ana Carla Maza | CU

A cello, a voice: breathtaking and seductve !

At 26, Ana Carla Maza paints with her cello the mad luxuriance of her native Havana, the samba accents of Brazil, the tragedies of Argentine tango...

Born in Cuba when Wim Wenders was recording Buena Vista Social Club, the cellist and singer virtuoso Ana Carla Maza made her debut on stage at the age of ten and never stopped evolving internationally from then on. After the success of her solo album La Flor, Ana Carla Maza signs the quartet compositions

of her new album – a tribute to the Bahia neighbourhood where she lived during her early childhood. Ana Carla Maza comes from a family that is strongly linked to music and travel. Her grandfather fled the Pinochet dictatorship and settled in France un the early eighties. Music has always been omnipresent in Ana Carla's life and she was almost born with a cello in her arms!

Ana Carla Maza creates a musical universe melding jazz, classic music and the colours of Latin America. Cuban and Brazilian sonorities have a place of honour in Bahia, in which rhythms such as Tango and Huayno combine a world of sensibility and hope.