ANIMA / Latvija

We are inspired by pine forest air and swirling power of sea, eyes full of sunny joy and endless vitality. We are united by the place, where we come from.

Mixed choir from Saulkrasti “ANIMA” exist since 2001 and  is considered to be one of the best choirs in Vidzeme region. Choir artistic director and conductor is Laura Leontjeva, conductor - Matīss Tučs and vocal teacher – Elīna Ose.

Several projects in recent years have been very special for the choir – concert “Saules krastos” together with Laima Jansone, Julgī Stalte, Edgars Beļickis directed by Uģis Brikmanis; concert “Sirdsbalss” in collaboration with Jānis Purviņš, Raimonds Tiguls and Kristaps Krievkalns (also shown in 56th Latvian culture days in Melbourne and Sidney, Australia). ANIMA also complemented Latvian centenery Song and Dance celebration, participated in legendary Song Wars and was a part of a special folk music concert “Visas manas greznas dziesmas”.

Choir “ANIMA” allows colorfulness to be a part for both – choir itself, as well as their music, crossing new artistic boundaries and creating fresh and creative challenges to conquer.