Brāļi un māsas /Latvia

Artis Orubs, Ilze and Andris Grunte, Edgars and Kristine Karklis - have met up in various bands over the years, interpreting Latvian-rooted folk and world music in ever-new ways. This time their sound isn't just the sum of their common onstage experience - it's actually thicker by blood. All their lives the Grunte and Karklis kids have made music together as siblings, while Orubs expands the clans with his kindred creative spirit. To play together with the people you know and love, friends among whom you communicate without words, in the language of music, is always a special feeling.

         Launched in 2015, the group will no doubt soon be blazing its own trail from the Latvian folk music tradition onto today's world music scene. Motives culled from the ancient native code sprout fresh through each member's distinct musical identity, progressively shaped into an entire soundscape, across which a road can be seen winding intricately through time and space. Each curve of it offers new colors to enliven the day's otherwise grey routine, as a way of responding to life's unanswered questions, and keeping the kin's caravan on track to its yet-unfolding destiny.