Documentary film “The Way Home” /Latvia

Director - Mārtiņš Grauds

Screenplay consultant– Nora Ikstena

Lead camera – Uldis Jancis

Editing Director - Andris Grants

Camera crew: Edgars Jākobsons, Dāvis Doršs, Aleksandrs Grebņevs, Edgars Daugavvanags, Uvis Burjāns, Andrejs Rudzāts, Reinis Traidas, Valdis Celmiņš, Aigars Sermokšs

Sound – Kaspars Cirsis, Ilvars Veģis

Content consultant – Ilze Lasmane

Film studio Tanka

Producer – biedrība “Pasaules mūzika”


This is the story of three different cultures meeting up together in the realm of ethno-jazz music.  Georgian ethno-jazz trio The Shin, the Moldavian band Trigon, Owl’s Ethnographic Orchestra and Intars Busulis. Their breathtaking journey into the souls of Georgian, Latvian and Moldavian folk music, their creation of contemporary music like cutting shining new gemstones from rough old treasures of folklore, opening hearts and removing borders between nations and languages. In their travels together they become brothers and sisters in music.  The scenery and melodies, voices and rhythms on the road they take may change.  Yet in the end it turns out to be the way home for all.  The Way Home.