Eivør /Fēru salas

Singer and songwriter Eivør was born and raised in a very small town in one of the northern Faroe Islands with a population of just 453. The harsh, wind-blown landscape of the North Atlantic has undeniably influenced the musician's artistry and the development of creative expression. Eivør is educated in classical vocal singing and has so far collaborated with several notable orchestras - the Faroe Islands Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Danish Radio Big Band, one of the best jazz orchestras in the world. In November 2016, Eivør won the Danish Music Award for Best Jazz Vocalist for the album “At the Heart of a Selkie”, co-produced by the Danish Radio Big Band and the Danish Radio Vocal Ensemble. In 2016, Eivør, in collaboration with the symphony orchestra, participated in the creation of the soundtrack for the video game "God of War". In 2017, as part of the video documentary series “SoundBound”, ethnomusicologist Laima Jansone  from Latvia went to the Faroe Islands, where she and Eivør started an elusive magical musical collaboration, which was also introduced at the World Music Festival PORTA at the end of the same year.

In September 2020, Eivør has released her ninth music album "Segl", which includes 12 new compositions. The musician herself describes her style of work as follows: “My creative process can be very chaotic and abstract, so I need to find the space to dive deeper into it and sculpt it,” she says. “After sitting on songs for a year or more, I’d go in and edit the melody or the lyrics. Sometimes the production too. The whole album is very much about change, so it's quite apt.”

For every listener in the festival Porta concert this year, Eivør in collaboration with mixed choir  ANIMA will perform previously unheard compositions and arrangements, created especially for this world music event.