Forshpil / Latvia

Forshpil’s 10-year anniversary.

The band’s first ever performance took place on November 9, 2003. Since then the line-up and sound have been constantly changing, but the close ties with Jewish tradition have remained clearly audible.  Today Forshpil mines a new field the musicians themselves call traditional Yiddish psychedelic rock.  It weaves Jewish folk melodies and songs into the sounds of 1960’s and ‘70’s rock music, including elements of funk, jazz and reggae. The band’s shows are always full of energy, improvisation and rich emotional interplay among the members, making this centuries-old music indeed come alive anew!

Forshpil takes part in festivals and plays concerts around all of Europe and has been a part of Porta several times, including their memorable joint project BORSH with Latvian folk-rockers Dzelzs Vilks.

The anniversary concert will feature friends of the band and former compatriots on their journey of musical adventure.