¡NOSNACH / Ungārija

Endre Kertesz: cello

Adam Moser: accordion, accordina, composer

Minimal tango from New York to Odessa. East-european chanson. In Adam Moser’s compositions French, Jewish, Argentine, Balkanian and circus music fusion with experimental, contemporary and free music elements. However ¡Nosnach’s music is based on strict compositions, it’s main character is improvisation. Adam and Endre don't fool around much. Through their music they take their audience to non existing, but still familiar paths, meanwhile trying to surprise each other by every step.

After finishing his classical studies (Wien, Barcelona), Endre Kertesz’s attention turned towards improvisative and experimental music, and has become one of Hungary’s most recognized musicians of the kind. He has worked with Atar trio (Israel), with Free Chamber Orchestra, Bea Palya, and with THReNSeMBlE. He also performs regularly with Edina Mókus Szirtes, and contributed as composer the play Színarany at Radnóti Theatre.

Adam Moser turned towards different kinds of folk music, and later on improvisative, and experimental music after finishing his classical accordion studies. This diverse selection of music (Hungarian, Armenian, Rumanian, Gypsy, Jewish, French, Basque, Irish, French chanson, Bal musique, Argentene tango, and free jazz) can be observed in his music and his style of improvisation. He has played with Béla Ágoston, Frank London, Miqueu Montanaro, Vents d’Est, Mihaly Víg.

He regularly works as a theatre musician, and composer.