Okra Playground | FI

Okra Playground’s music is a combination of Finnish folk, electro and pop–rock where ancient instruments kantele and bowed lyre are combined with modern instruments and soundscapes. Three mighty female voices, present-day lyrics, hypnotic rhythms and mystical energy create an energetic and relentlessly electrifying sound. The third album Itku (Cry) of the internationally acclaimed group will be released on October 28th 2022 by German label Nordic Notes. 

The themes of the new album are change, growth and opposites. The songs deal with global and social issues such as war, pandemics and mental health. Compared to their previous albums, the lyrics on Itku are more dominantly self-penned while the centuries-old texts of traditional runo singing still serve as an inspiration. On stage, the band will paint a breathtaking picture of a world of shadows and light.