ONUKA / Ukraine

ONUKA is a joint project of a multitalented artist Nata Zhyzhchenko and a notable Ukrainian sound-producer Evgene Filatov (The Maneken).

Their territory is the crossroads of many genres:  the beautiful chemistry of all things innovative, futuristic, deep and rooted; the blend of trendy arrangements with the elements of Ukrainian folk music, of which Nata is impregnated since the very childhood.

The name of the project (‘onuka’ means ‘granddauther’ in Ukrainian) refers us to Nata’s grandfather, who was a famous craftsman of traditional Ukrainian musical instruments. His most precious gift – handmade sopilka – is a kind of a symbol and an important element of many ONUKA’s songs.

ONUKA’s music is the bridge between the past and the future. The rich heritage of Ukrainian ethnic culture in the context of modern electronic sound creates new musical aesthetics.

ONUKA live show is a carefully thought-out program with its own internal dramatic composition, special atmosphere and numerous surprises. The symbiosis of electronica and live folk instruments, with which ONUKA surprised everyone three years ago, is being brought to the absolute. Nata’s voice has a unique tone, sensuality and depth. Eugene's arrangements are on the level of the experience of Henrik Schwarz or Damian Lazarus. His method itself and the quality of the sound fit perfectly into the overall European trend – innovative electronica actively absorbs the ethnic music of different countries.

It’s an intimate experience in which each listener is left alone with the artist's music. At the same time, it is a powerful pressure of energy that is able to cover venues like a wave.