Oreka TX / Basque

Harkaitz Martinez de San Vicente Urriza – stone and wood txalaparta

Mikel Ugarte – stone and wood txalaparta

Jean Michel Ducau-Lucart – alboka (hornpipe), bamboo clarinet, saxophone

Juan Jose Ochandorena – bouzouki      


Oreka TX create a uniquely fascinating and revitalising sound from the Basque Country. Oreka means ‘balance’ in the Basque language, and TX stands for one of the most unique and noteworthy traditional instrument: TXALAPARTA. Deeply rooted in the Basque traditions, persecuted during the Franco years and came close to dying out in 1960's, an ancestral Basque percussion instrument txalaparta has now attracted the world's attention through international collaborations, awarded documentaries, recordings and experimental uses. Harkaitz Martinez and Mikel Ugarte, from Oreka TX, have carried the txalaparta to the stages of the world.

Since it only can be performed collectively, txalaparta music never belongs to a single musician: for Oreka TX, the txalaparta is more than an instrument; it is an attitude, a way of connecting. At the Festival, Oreka TX musicians will immerse in exciting collaboration with Latvian kokle (lute) virtuoso Laima Jansone.