PREM JOSHUA & Band /India

German-born multi-instrumentalsit and composer Prem Joshua and his international ensemble of musicians are well-known globally as pioneers of World Fusion Music, drawing inspiration from ancient Indian musical traditions, addeing contemporary western perspectives and directions.  With self-confidence and impeccable virtuosity, Prem and company meld the most diverse genres, creating unusual sounds that reach beyond the borders of West or East.

The group’s interplay is like a fine organic musical unity of classical Indian, jazz, funk and ethno, so masterfully and playfully assembled as to suggest – true completedness!

During their time together Prem Joshua & Band have performed at illustrious stages like Glastonbury and Big Chill, also for various royal audiences and government dignitaries. The group has received many awards in India and abroad and is unquestionably the single top world music artist in India!