Pulsa Efekts & Leila Alijeva | LV

Pulse Effect is a performance artist union founded in 2006, known for their diverse and boundary-free performances and musical compositions. They experiment with various genres and incorporate ethno, electronics, body-percussion, and unconventional objects into their acts. Their performances often feature LED and UV lights, fire, sand, water, and ice.

The group frequently collaborates with Azerbaijani/Latvian singer Leila Alijeva, blending Latvian rhythms with Azerbaijani mugam singing. Their team includes contemporary dancers and choreographers, resulting in notable performances such as "Spēks/Power," "No Drums, No Problems," and "Inficētais/The Infected."

Founder and artistic director Dzintars Viksna, a composer and percussionist, has organized several Rhythm Festivals. Together with Alijeva, a Baku Academy of Music graduate, they form a creative duo that transcends musical boundaries. Pulse Effect also created the Sound Park Orchestra, a unique contemporary marching project combining music, dance, and acrobatics. Currently, they are working on their new album "Amber Grey," which will feature both old and new material.



  • Porta 24 | July / 26.07.2024 / Fon Stricka Villa / Buy ticket
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