Raimonds & Oskars Petrauski

The Petrauski brothers, pianist Raimonds Petrauskis and saxophonist Oskars Petrauskis, rich in talent and true humanity, are considered to be an integral part of the Latvian cultural space. They have repeatedly represented Latvia in the world as a concert duo of the highest quality, demonstrating a wide field of musicianship, playing both academic and jazz music, as well as theater and world music works. The Petrauski brothers, together with percussionist Rihards Zaļupe, have established a successful musical collaboration in the ensemble "Xylem trio", which performed at the world music festival Porta back in 2017.

This year, the two musicians will perform together with Finnish multi-instrumentalist Maija Kauhanen. This artistic encounter promises to deliver polyrhythmic melodies and a surprisingly adventurous journey through the sound of this musical collaboration.