World music band "Raxtu Raxti" began their journey together back in the summer of 2012. Originally their repertoire consisted of rather unique World music version of Latvian folk songs, though over time it has been complemented by original compositions. Here each musician embodies outstanding personality, well known in the Latvian music scene and beyond. "Raxtu Raxti" has managed to band together wonderful soloists, each one equal to the others and in some way irreplaceable.

The driving force of the group is the inner call to pass on Latvian virtue to future generations no matter the place or time.

Traditional and academic genres may be the foundation of group's artistry, yet it has almost developed on it's own to a place, where it is impossible to mistake their sound with another one. Their repertoire includes a wide range of compositions with beautiful, instrumental themes and the sound of very special Latvian musical instruments, which help creating music outside the usual boundaries of genres.

Over the past year "Raxtu Raxti" has dedicated their time to reimagine themselves gradually creating their new albumn, which will be released this autum, reminding both listeners and themselves importance of one's roots revealed in brand new compositions.