tkp Julgī Stalte & Ēriks Zeps

Two musicians, our ancestor legacy inheritors – Julgī Stalte and Ēriks Zeps – have united in a brand new duo. Here the Livic serenity with Latgalian ardent and Latgalian profundity with Livic immortality interwine.

Julgī Stalte is the leader of the oldest Latvian folklore group “Skandinieki” and Ēriks Zeps – the leader of Latgale’s most energetic and vibrant post-folklore band “Rikši”. Both traditional music and culture ambassadors, inspirers have enriched our heritage and contributed to its development as far away as Siberia.

This duo’s ethnic paths will encounter the Balkan power of the legendary Polish group DIKANDA, where genuinely magical voices will collaborate and create unrestrained and powerful energy.