Tuvas šamaniskie rituāli

Siberian shamanistic rituals with two particularly strong Tuvan shamans - the descendants of the supreme powers - Shii-oglu Adygzhy and Cherlik "Wild" Oyun.
Tuvan shamanism is divided into two parts: black and white or earth and heaven. Shii-olog Adygzhy and Cherlik Wild Oyun represent the light side of shamanism, they both belong to the last descendants of their ancestors, and are highly respected healers in their homeland. ”Shii-olog Adygzhy is the successor of the ancient family "Nine Kurgans" and Cherlik "Wild" Oyun - The grandson of the legendary Shaman Cherlik Kami from the King's Valley.
Like many others, music and dance play a huge role in achieving universal balance in this ancient eastern tradition. Visitors of the festival will have the opportunity to get closer to the energy of the universe, enjoying the healing power of shaman music and dance.