Collaborations 2021

Within the Latvian cultural space, the Porta Festival acts as a versatile platform, promoting the creation of new works in interaction between foreign and Latvian musicians, allowing not only Latvian audiences to get acquainted with other cultures, but also guest artists to get to know Latvian culture and through that knowledge enrich their own artistry and experience, which later on gets carried away further in the world. Each meeting of musicians from two different nations is clearly unique and other identical to it simply cannot be found. That is why these collaborations have an elusive creative force that results in lasting sound collaboration.

In 2021, collaborations between the following musicians are scheduled: Zaza Miminoshvili (Georgia) & students from Jāzeps Mediņš Riga Music High School; Eivør (Faroe Islands) & Saulkrasti Mixed Choir Anima (Latvia) and Lalala Napoli (France-Italy) & Tautumeitas (Latvia).