Aboss Kosimov / Uzbekistan

Abbos Kosimov is widely appreciated as an international phenomenon through his dynamic performances on a frame drum doira. He is known for playing three frame drums simultaneously, and it is as entertaining as virtuosic.

Abbos was born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, to a highly musical family. He started practicing doira at the age of 10, learning the ancient Uzbek art from recognised doira masters and later studying at the College of Culture and Music in Tashkent.

Abbos is also an ambassador of Uzbek culture: while being an outstanding expert and teacher of the traditional art as well as a contemporary composer and a globally recognised master of doira, he has dedicated his life to preservation and development of Uzbek percussive arts. 

The virtuoso of doira has performed in numerous international festivals and concerts, and collaborated with internationally renowned artists such as percussion masters Randy Gloss and Zakir Hussain. Abbos has recorded independently as well as together with R&B singer Steve Wonder and tabla master Zakir Hussain for the soundtrack of Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet One Thousand and One Nights.

Since 2005, Abbos lives in the United States and he is currently working on composition for many exciting new upcoming projects.