CENTERWISE concert program

Until now, singer IEVA KERĒVICA has worked in various music genres; pop, jazz, musical, theater music. As a jazz vocalist, she is competent in various directions of jazz music - contemporary, ethnojazz, worldjazz, bigband jazz, etc., which gives the singer's voice and performance a lot of color and virtuosity, it is manifested both in the timbre and range of the voice, and in the general sense of music.

The CENTERWISE concert program reflects the inner world of the artist's feelings, the color and diversity of her voice timbre, and her love for world music ethnicity. To some extent, it's a kind of daring and at the same time a departure from the sound that the listeners were used to hearing from the her until now. The CENTERWISE program has marked a brand new direction of creative expression in the musical life of Ieva Kerevica.

CENTERWISE compositions have been created based on love for the diversity and brightness of World music, which in the end results as an original music, using Indian mantras, classical music quotes combined with themes of Latvian folk songs, interpretations of Libyan and Latgali folk songs and freejazz vocal means of expression.

On the stage of the World Music Festival PORTA, singer Ieva Kerevica will perform together with wonderful musicians, masters of their craft; Madars Kalniņš – piano, Stanislavs Yudins – double bass, Dāvis Jurka – saxophone and others.