Les Itinérantes | FR

The members of Les Itinérantes met while studying music theatre, having various backgrounds in early music, jazz and world music. The resulting merger of styles led to the ensemble’s repertoire now encompassing eleven musical styles, nine centuries and 19 languages. In keeping with their name, they travel from one time and place to another, creating images, stories and feelings with their voices

The musicians offer a musical journey through the centuries in fourteen world languages. From the Middle Ages to Edith Piaf and Corsican polyphony, the trio passionately explores the infinite possibilities of the human voice and the way languages of all kinds resonate in music and within us.



  • Porta 24 | November / 01.11.2024 / Concert hall Cesis / Buy ticket
  • Porta 24 | November / 02.11.2024 / Mūzikas nams Daile / Buy ticket
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