Oquestrada / Portugal

Marta Miranda – vocals

Pablo – wash – bass

João Lima – Portuguese guitar

Nelson Almeida – accordion

Moisés Fernandes – trumpet

Ricardo Gouveia – guitar


“Happy music from Portugal” – so OqueSrada is announced at European festivals. The band was born from the desire of Marta Miranda and Pablo – both coming from the world of entertainment: she as a theatre actress, he – coming from France with a suitcase full of experience in urban intervention and show design – to create a portable musical project with the shape of a small neighbourhood orchestra ready to travel, where the personality and uniqueness of each individual is the main idea.

Now the band consists of five musicians performing in Portuguese, Spanish, Creole and French, balancing between melancholy of Fado and enthusiasm and reckless dancing – like tunes of Cape Verde Funana. The band's soloist Marta Miranda with her exotic, slightly hoarse voice literally dances, like a gorgeous butterfly, through all the songs filled with true joy of life and sincerity.