Rahu The Fool | LV

Rahu The Fool formed its current set of artists in the winter of 2017/2018, when guitarist/vocalist Pēteris Narubinas, washboard player Jāzeps Podnieks, violinist Lauma Bērza and double bassist Evita Bambane were joined by saxophonist from Australia - Benny Goldmsith - in a club "Ala" during Folkjam session.

The group performs, arranges and composes music that could generally be called folk music, or, more precisely, world music - blues, bluegrass, folk songs, Latvian traditional dances, Belarusian traditional dances, French burée, Australian folk music, sometimes small hints of jazz and country music here and there, a-cappella compositions and gypsy jazz. The instrumentation is quite extensive - washboard, double bass, guitar, saxophone, violin, ukulele, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, tambourine, shakers, stomp-box, 5 vocals, flute, sometimes even a kazoo appears and this is just the main instrument set.