Shishani & the Namibian Tales / Netherlands

Many worlds flow smoothly together in the unconventional music of Shishani and the Namibian Tales. The group was founded by percussionist Sjahin During in Amsterdam, the Netherlands 2015 and they combine so many unique qualities as a group that they are definitely one of the most diverse groups in our festival and here is why:

First of all – they combine 4 different nationalities in a group – Dutch (Percussionist - Sjahin During), Hungarian (cello – Bence Huszar), German (various instruments/voice – Debby Korfmacher) and Namibian (lead vocal, guitar - Shishani). While concentrating on implementing their music with a sound from Namibia, this kind of collision, even if imperceptible, is a uniqueness by itself. Second of all – Shishani (lead singer of the group) – sings not only in English, but also in her mother tongue – Oshiwambo, which lets audiences to experience a different audial journey without a doubt. Third – this group perform including ethnic musical instruments you wouldn’t find on every corner: kora (lute – bridge – harp) and African mbira (thumb piano).

All these qualities makes this group a rare treasure within the field of World music, where it is no surprise their album “Itaala” was voted as “Best World music album produced in Netherlands”.

Rooted in deep traditions, though partly thanks to unexpected harmonies and rhythms the music of Shishani & the Namibian Tales sounds surprisingly contemporary and refreshing.