SHONO / Buryatia

Shono (“wolf” in Buryat) takes the Siberian sound to its next, logical step, powered by rock drive and the gorgeous sounds of Buryat, Mongol, and other Siberian tradition. Founded in 2014 by Alexander Arkhincheyev, the group released its first album Okhotniki (“Hunters”) a mere year later. A masterful multi-instrumentalist and throatsinger, Arkhincheyev has perfected the art of arranging and performing Buryat traditional sayings and epics (called uliger), creating original songs in the process.
The spirit of the age-old rituals of Inner Asia’s nomads permeates the album, creating an atmosphere that sends shivers up the spine. With a light, unforced touch, the group takes Buryat traditional instruments like the horse-head fiddle, adds the basics of a rock group (bass, guitar, drums), and transfixes the listener. Shono’s hard-hitting rhythms and drive make it one of the leading lights among Siberian, Tuvan, and Mongolian ethno-rock bands.
Though a recent breakthrough band on the scene, Shono has already won spots at several respected Russian festivals in European Russia and across Siberia.