Year of Porta two thousand twenty four!

In just under three weeks, we will step into the new year, which will be different for the music lovers of festival Porta compared to the 23 already behind us!

Until now, Porta's organized concerts and festival days usually took place in the fall over one or two weeks, and in the summer, enjoying the enchantment of outdoor concert venues for several days. Reflecting on the values that are closest and most important to Porta, it is clear that at the top of this list appears an exciting and unprecedented musical offering for Latvia's cultural enthusiasts, concerts that are not only held in the capital but also for music listeners throughout the country, and the discovery of various concert venues that allows worldly musical sounds to resonate in suitable surroundings.

To continue the festival activities in a way where an increasing number of people have the opportunity to discover, explore, and love new and undiscovered music, as well as to surprise their cultural calendars with stimulating events for all senses, starting next year, we will meet more often, we'll invite more artists and visit concert venues that complement the performances that have brought us together!

You may have already noticed that we will kick off the 2024 season with concerts in March, where artists from Belgium and France will usher in the Latvian spring in Riga, Cesis, and Liepaja! The next performances won't have to be waited for months, as in April, we will welcome solo concerts in Riga featuring the vast natural landscapes of Norway. Right in July, an event filled with the colors and tastes of summer, and autumn will not be left without melodic breezes, adorning the end of the year.

Here are four separate events where together we will explore music from various corners of the world! But is "four" the extent of the festival events where we will stop next year? We will allow you to smile here because there is no equivalent to the taste of surprise!

Thank you, Porta friend, music ally, and advocate of diversity!  All the festival years behind us allow us to express gratitude for the gathered experience. Now, as experience paves the way, we embark on new Porta festival adventures with a pulse that, while not entirely new, is thoughtfully powerful.

See you at the concerts in 2024!